Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Revalina S Temat No More Sing Again

The emergence of young artists and potential artists in the entertainment bedampak also to the senior artists including Revalina S Temat. Artists are usually called Reva is its emergence in the world of entertainment slightly reduced. Artists who were born with the full name Sayuthi Temat Revalina only starred on a television movie and video clips of models.

As recently, the artist who was born in Jakarta 26 November 1985 seen filming for the video clip one of the bands of newcomers with Arumi in Bogor, West Java. Temat Sayuti daughter of the couple and this is not ngoyo Rachmaniar work. He only accepts jobs that came to him.

Reva at the beginning of his career playing patron Garlic and Shallots paired with Nia Ramadhani. Reva was also joined by Melani Putria and Intan Nuraini formed a vocal group and has issued a single Islamic songs. But Reva admitted to not going into the studio again because he felt he was not ready to become a professional singer. The main character in the film One Hour Only this rate should have good vocal ability to stay afloat.

"I do not want to accept the offer because it was hard to sing again. Just once I tried it wrote. I more enjoy the world of acting alone, "I Revalina friendly.

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Revalina S Temat More Like Playing Movies

Revalina S Temat seems more to enjoy his role on the big screen. This is evident from the start the many titles feature films which he starred. And speaking of the tendency to play on the big screen, Reva explains that there are elements of chance in it anyway.

"If you say most filming, well because it does offer a lot in movies anymore. Yesterday sempet filming the soap opera, but not sempet ditayangin on tv. Again this movie is also the story better," Reva said when met at the Film MESTAKUNG, Waroeng Solo, Orange Purut , South Jakarta.

However, although prefers acting in movies, but that does not mean Reva did not settle on the soap opera.

"Me, I chose the film not because it is better than soap operas. Make me equally acting, story and character are important. Enjoyed if I play the movie I went to places that I have never attended. Filming on the movie, this gives me more new experience, "She explained.

Like some artists who prefer acting on the big screen soap opera than for reasons of image, then how about Reva?

"I think I just wrote, we want to play in the soap operas, movies, ftv, actually just wrote. What we lakuin, we are acting, we got the script, we read. If asked I'm so confused," She concluded.

Senin, 20 Juni 2011

Revalina S Temat Find Talent Unexpressed in Madura

Revalina S Temat find hidden talents in Madura Island? Yes, that's what will be done by a former lover is Ringgo Agus Rahman. Serving as Dance, a teacher in the film MESTAKUNG, who dedicated his life to education, Reva willingly moved from Jakarta to Madura.

In the eyes of Reva, truly enchanting island of Madura. Many she has received during his stay in the 'Salt Island' is. "Many, one of which karapan cow, it's still culturally very well. Kasian just that I wrote, sometimes cows given a balm, let the straight path. I do not have the heart, much less let her ass have beaten path cepet," Reva said when met at the Film MESTAKUNG, Waroeng Solo, Orange Purut, South Jakarta.

To shoot the film, Reva will spend at least a week and mingle with the Madurese.
"Well, coincidentally the director wanted a Muslim figure. Because the majority of Madurese wear hijab, we adjust it," She said. Then if he does not find it difficult to communicate using the language of Madura? "If I was not Jakarta, which has really come into Madura. So I actually never knew the language of Madura, now slowly wrote," She concluded.

Selasa, 14 Juni 2011

Revalina S Temat Wear Hijab Again

For the umpteenth time, in his latest film, a beautiful artist Revalina S Temat return must play a role by using the headscarf. Earlier, in the film 'Wanita Berkalung Sorban', Reva also act the same thing.

"I also do not know why I ditawarin veiled again. Previous in 'Wanita Berkalung Sorban', I do not feel uncomfortable, I feel comfortable wearing the hijab, no load. But it just would not want matokin veiled role aja. I want to play a different character- different, "he said during a press conference Revalina movie? in the small King restaurant, Gandaria City Mall Jl.KH.M.Syafii Hadzami No.8, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Thursday (31 / 3) afternoon.

But even so, Ringo Agus Rahman's lover in real life has not dared to use the full veil. The reason, she admitted was not ready when I have to wear a headscarf.

"The desire must be there, knowing not know when that for now is still not ready, that will wear the hijab so God willing, if i see wear hijab seems more cool. Not ready because the reason a lot yes. Aspect of prayer is still a hole-perforated also, I tried to prayer 5 times, but work yes, if you believe you can be sure will, "he explained.

What is the reason also for fear of the future that will wear the veil away from the sustenance?

"If that's so called fortune does not go. Not once think if wearing the hijab can not play movies anymore, so his name will be no more fortune. So more generally, which was hot and uncomfortable, now enjoy aja, are more able to adapt," She concluded .

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Minggu, 06 Desember 2009

Video Revalina @ Empat Mata

Video Rivalina from Empat Mata Trans 7

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Reva: Ringgo Nude? No Problem

Action performed naked Ringgo Agus Rahman and Desta Club Eighties who follow in the footsteps Joko Anwar in a supermarket led to controversy. There is blasphemy, but also a little respect for their recklessness. In response, Revalina S Temat that none other than Ringgo lover, confessed just ignorant. He relaxed against 'insanity' lover. "No problem, yes, because if they knew the truth also do not like that. So I understand, his name was young, his name is also a crazy person," said Reva encountered over the accompanying Ringgo in Suka-Suka Esia in FX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 7 / 10).

2 star Pocong is also not too concerned with public opinion which considers the incident disturbing public order. For Reva all depends on the thinking of each person. "That may be because the jokes and fun. But if serious it can be said like that. Actually subordinates (pants) that exist," he said. So, what about the parents' comments about the behavior Reva 'weird' future daughter in law? Hearing this directly Reva smile. "So easy, his name is also young, fun job. So it was not the problem," he added as he stepped into the elevator and quickly followed Ringgo from behind.

Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

Reva & Ringgo

Braided love Ringgo Agus Rahman and Revalina S Temat apparently not a problem which means that, because the family both parties submit all decisions on their hands. Despite the Ringgo, they did not specifically introduce the family of each. "They do push-nge is the need for certainty enggak, they fully submit to us," said Ringgo in the Hotel Mercure Ancol, North Jakarta, Saturday (1 / 8).

However, Ringgo can understand if their parents want to know more about prospective couples children. "Wajarlah if parents want to know who love their children. But to introduce a families each in serious, has not it. I also still children, aja this new high school graduate," Ringgo game. "Still ajalah relaxed because we both still much to be corrected at how we build mental. What I see Reva ready every day? Because the court aja gak ketemunya every day," his him wise.