Minggu, 18 Oktober 2009

Reva: Ringgo Nude? No Problem

Action performed naked Ringgo Agus Rahman and Desta Club Eighties who follow in the footsteps Joko Anwar in a supermarket led to controversy. There is blasphemy, but also a little respect for their recklessness. In response, Revalina S Temat that none other than Ringgo lover, confessed just ignorant. He relaxed against 'insanity' lover. "No problem, yes, because if they knew the truth also do not like that. So I understand, his name was young, his name is also a crazy person," said Reva encountered over the accompanying Ringgo in Suka-Suka Esia in FX Plaza, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 7 / 10).

2 star Pocong is also not too concerned with public opinion which considers the incident disturbing public order. For Reva all depends on the thinking of each person. "That may be because the jokes and fun. But if serious it can be said like that. Actually subordinates (pants) that exist," he said. So, what about the parents' comments about the behavior Reva 'weird' future daughter in law? Hearing this directly Reva smile. "So easy, his name is also young, fun job. So it was not the problem," he added as he stepped into the elevator and quickly followed Ringgo from behind.

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